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What is OER?

Open Educational Resources (OER) describes learning and teaching materials that are openly licensed or otherwise in the public domain. They can be used, adapted, and redistributed freely without any need to secure additional permissions. OER are a key driver of the Open Education movement.

Why use OER?

The use of OER increases access to education and supports innovation in teaching and learning. It fosters a spirit of sharing and co-operation and empowers teachers and learners. OER can help to increase the quality of educational resources and there is also growing evidence, that using OER contributes to reducing the costs of education.

OER World Map?

The goal of the OER World Map is to illuminate the global Open Educational Resources movement by facilitating interaction and collaboration. It collects and shares open data about actors and activities related to OER. The supplied information supports a wide range of use cases.

The OER World Map is beeing awarded

We are happy to announce, that the OER World Map has won an Open Education Award for Excellence in Open Innovation.

Currently on the map

We provide the most complete and comprehensible picture of the global Open Educational Resource movement:

Setup a personal profile

With the registration, you can setup a public personal profile. This allows you to show your role in the global OER movement – e.g. by sharing projects you are participating in, events you attend and any skills or subjects you’re specialized in. If you're new to open education you can share information about the kind of connections you would like to make.

Announce an event

You organize a conference, a workshop or another OER related event? Announce it on the OER World Map to inform the community, have it documented and let other people show, that they are going to attend it.

Discover the OER movement in your country

Clicking on a country on the map, makes you switch to the country view, which shows everything going on there OER wise. You can also find country specific reports here.

Find the information you are looking for!

All our data can be filtered, e.g. by topic, language, licence or audience. The OER World Map includes exciting information. If you do not know where to begin, start here:

Contribute to the OER World Map

Building and sustaining this map is a collaborative process. You can search for information provided by others - and you can contribute information yourself.

Add your project to the map

Without your knowledge we are nothing. Share the outcomes and lessons learned of your project and help to make the world a better place.

Share your story

Tell your open education story and share your experiences with us and other friends from countries all over the world.

Become a country champion

Take responsibility and become a regional point of contact as a member of our country champion network.

Become an OER World Map librarian

You like to collect data and the satisfying feeling of bringing order to a chaotic world? Start collecting data on a regular basis. You will encounter a deeper understanding of the OER ecosystem.

Tell us what you need

You have questions, criticism, ideas or suggestions? We want to know what you think of the OER World map. Contact us by mail, Twitter, Facebook or directly on GitHub!

Become a strategic partner

You share our vision and want to use our platform or contribute to it on a major scale? Become a member of our strategic partner network - together nothing can stop us proceeding towards openness!

Development Partners

The platform is developed by the North-Rhine-Westphalia Library Service Centre (hbz) in cooperation with graphthinking GmbH and with cooperation of the Open University, UK. The project is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation till the end of 2018.

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