Welcome to the new OER Policy Layer of the OER World Map!

We are currently working on moving Creative Commons OER Policy Registry to the OER World Map. The registry allows anybody to easily share, update, and browse open education policies and legislation. It also hosts supporting policy resources such as case studies and guides.

Gratitude to Creative Commons for creating, maintaining and contributing its OER Policy Registry to the OER World Map. Adding open policies as a new layer to the OER World Map enables open advocates and policy makers to get a more complete picture of all open education activities in a particular country or region.

More information on the state of the project can be found on our blog.

Click here to see all policies available on the map so far.

We are also collecting additional ressources on policy making.

The project has started just recently and will be elaborated in the next weeks and months. Everybody is invited to contribute. You can do so by adding and editing policies (read our short manual here), setting lighthouses and likes to policies you consider important or by telling us which cool new features you would like to see on the new policy layer by commenting either our working document, or by commenting/adding issues directly on github.

Lastest policies on the map

Policies Statistics

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