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  • OERinForm - ein Verbundprojekt der Medieneinrichtungen an Hochschulen
  • J&K - Jöran und Konsorten ("Jöran and Fellows")
  • Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
  • OER Research Hub
  • Cascading Social Science Open Educational Resources
  • Helping OER providers to better understand their audiences and their needs
  • BCcampus: a Creative Commons case study
  • OER World Map
  • Research on Open Education Resources for Development in the Global South
  • Evaluating and reporting project impact and use of whole course OER
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University – OER-based Post Graduate Diploma in e-Learning
  • UNESCO-UNEVOC Virtual Conference on Open Educational Resources in Technical and Vocational Education and Training
  • OER and OEP Policy at The Open University
  • Building an OER in Partnership: Understanding Parkinsons
  • Open Policy Network
  • OER World Map
  • Glasgow Caledonian University's OER Policy
  • OER Knowledge Cloud
  • One Mongolia: Building an open network for education in Mongolia
  • ÍndioEduca – fighting prejudice with OER
  • Ishan Abeywardena
  • Ripple: OER cascade
  • OER Morocco Declaration
  • graphthinking GmbH
  • Research Ethics OER: Can They Be Radically Repurposed and Remixed?
  • Film and Audio Visual Media OER: The Case of SP-ARK, The Sally Potter Film Archive
  • The value of reflexive methods for enhancing pedagogical practice in the context of OER development
  • The Support Of The 2Nd Oer World Congress
  • The Politics in Spires blog: Students as Producers of OER
  • Sustainable Relationships between Universities and Vocational OER Users
  • OER Lebanon
  • OER for Blended Learning at Southampton Solent University
  • NOVA's OER-Based Associate Degree Project
  • Developing Students as OER Content Scavengers
  • Using OER to test assumptions: Wikibooks and Digital Media at The University of Stirling
  • Creating a learning skills portal with OER at the University of Surrey
  • Making-of: Transitioning the Siemens Stiftung media portal to an OER platform
  • Setting the standard: students as co-creators of OER at Dundee University
  • Open University of Sri Lanka – Integrating OER in a Teacher Education Course
  • Active engagement: a case study of the development and impact of OER on inclusive teaching and academic engagement at the University of Wolverhampton
  • Authorship and use of OER as Academic Practice for Research
  • EVOL-OER: The Evolution of Open Educational Resources
  • Wawasan Open University – Developing a Fully OER-based Course
  • Student Engagement with OER at University of Edinburgh
  • OER as a scholarly activity within staff development accredited courses
  • tVDU
  • Growth Mindset and OER: Student-Led Solutions
  • Embedding Rigor Into Curriculum with OER
  • Collaborating to build “a city of information literacy, a city of Wikipedia”: Ewan McAndrew, Wikimedian in Residence
  • Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung – „Lernen“
  • Susann Hippler (geb. Krieglsteiner)
  • Lehrerrundmail
  • ZUM-Willkommen
  • TOETOE International: FLAX Weaving with Oxford Open Education Resources
  • CSU Channel Islands Affordable Learning Solutions
  • Chapter 11: Integrating ICT for Innovative Educational Solutions in Oman: Leveraging OER Policy to Enhance Teaching and Learning
  • The Teacher Education In Sub Saharan Africa Program
  • Teachers Without Borders
  • Support Of Open Licensing In Early Childhood Literacy Efforts In The Developing World
  • BC Open Education Librarians BCOEL
  • Young African Research Arena
  • A la mode: Setting a fashion for practical re-use at the University of Nottingham
  • Karin Driesen
  • Growing open educational practice in Scotland: Open Scotland and the Scottish Open Education Declaration case study
  • Community of Practice for Information Literacy Online Teaching (CoPILOT)? Who are we and what do we do?
  • Active Evolution: Enabling Cultural Change at Edinburgh University
  • Using open source narrative media to support the learning of qualitative data analysis approaches at University Centre Doncaster
  • EDUCATE on SITE: user acceptance of mobile web applications in architectural education on sustainable environmental design
  • Humboldt State University Affordable Learning Solutions
  • Creating a Culture of Open: University of Edinburgh
  • Podcasting ‘Not Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean Popular Theatre’ at the University of Oxford
  • Access Permitted: Developing Open Access Journals for Early Career Researchers and Staff Development
  • Tim Wiegers
  • Embedding Open Educational Resources in Research Methods Training in Education, Social Science and Criminology
  • Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice
  • Joining the Dots: Widening Participation at Strathclyde University case study
  • German Commission for UNESCO
  • Delivering Open Educational Resources for Engineering Design
  • OpenCases: the ETH Zurich case study
  • OpenCases: the Universidad Carlos III Madrid case study
  • edShare@GCU: Advocacy for sharing in the open
  • 13th Annual Open Education Conference
  • Community Building and User Engagement: developing the potential of LORO
  • Maths Help modules at The Open University
  • OpenCases: the OERu case study
  • OpenCases: the France Université Numérique case study
  • Glasgow Caledonian ‘Games On’ open online event
  • OpenCases: the TU Delft case study
  • Designing Open Learning Journeys case study
  • Practising Open Education
  • Creative Open Everyday Practice: Thinking Differently at UHI
  • Discovering Collections of Social Science Open Educational Resources
  • A Big Vision in a Small District
  • edeos - digital education
  • Society for Research into Higher Education: Critical Perspectives on ‘Openness’ in Higher Education (Digital University)
  • Visualising events in photosynthesis: a 3D molecule online tutorial
  • Scottish Open Education Declaration
  • Martin Hawksey: openness, blogging and the power of connection
  • Review, Revise, Adopt. Rinse and Repeat.

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