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OBAME Yves Valéry


My name is OBAME Yves Valéry, I am a teacher in the Government Teacher's Training College (GTTC) in Cameroon. Member of the Cameroon Laboratory for Studies and Research on Contemporary Societies (CERESC) of the University of Yaounde I in which I am preparing a doctoral thesis in sociology. I am very interested in the perspectives offered by Open Science in general and more specifically by the open educational practices that I promote and implement on a daily basis with my students through my teaching and the exchanges I have with them. In addition, in the academic setting, I am co-organizer of the very first Open conference at a State University in Cameroon (OpenCon 2017 Yaoundé), to raise awareness about the need for our universities and African research centers to integrate this new vision of scientific research with the benefits it brings in terms of visibility for the results of researchers on the continent. For these reasons, I am very proud to contribute and be part of the Global Open Educational Resources (OER) movement.

Secondary educational sector