Maricopa Millions OER Project


This Maricopa Millions OER project, through an internal grant process, supports the adoption, adaptation, and development of complete OER course materials for high enrollment courses in the MCCCD. The final product will be OER course materials that can be easily adopted and modified by other faculty (including adjuncts) teaching that course.

Course materials can include textbooks, images, videos, lecture materials, assessments, grading rubrics, etc. Open course materials must be digital in format, and made freely available over the web. The open course materials may be original content, or may be a compilation of openly licensed materials; MCCCD library subscriptions can also be used. All originally developed course materials funded through this initiative must be licensed with a creative commons attribution license (CC-BY) and shared within the District as well as externally through links from the MCCCD OER web site.

Course material “development” funded through this project will be conducted by teams of faculty (ideally three, each from a different MCCCD college) with experience teaching the proposed course. During the development phase of this program, grantees will be meeting regularly with a team of people who will be able to answer questions, and provide training and support.

The Maricopa Millions OER Project includes developing a strategic, sustainable OER infrastructure that would include: awareness, professional development, OER development and technical support, marketing and technical structure. In order for OER to be successful at MCCCD, we propose to develop an OER strategic planning and implementation team to establish MCCCD as an OER Center of Excellence, using the structure instituted for the Seamless Student Experience team, to accomplish specific OER outcomes over the next 5 years.

The driving objective for the project is to save MCCCD students $5 Million Dollars over the next five years through the use of OER materials.