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Fieldwork is central to the culture, practices and pedagogy of geography, earth and environmental sciences, and many other disciplines, including biosciences, built environment, religious studies and the social sciences. It can be defined, in the context of student learning, as “any arena or zone within a subject where supervised learning can take place via first-hand experience, outside the constraints of the four-walls classroom setting”.

Fieldwork is increasingly under pressure. The increased use of technological alternatives to fieldwork has, in some instances, resulted in a more classroom work. It is also generally accepted that fieldwork is relatively expensive compared with campus-based teaching.

Aims and objectives

Establish a collection of UK and international fieldwork OER for sharing and reuse through a map based interface that allows users to search fieldwork resources by location as well as other criteria.

Explore the Geo tagging and metadata of existing fieldwork OER so as to provide advice and recommendations for enhanced discovery of open fieldwork resources.

Develop case studies, procedures and guidance for creating collections of open licensed field support materials.

Establish a self-sustaining community of practice (CoP) for those interested in contributing and reusing open fieldwork resources.

Project Methodology

The Project Director is Prof. Pauline Kneale. The project consists of work packages for project management, resource discovery and review, technical, dissemination and communities of practice, and monitoring and review. Overseen by the Project Coordinator (Mike Sanders). A Subject Specialist will focus on resource discovery and review, dissemination and the CoP. A learning technologist will engage with technical development and investigation. Monitoring and review will be carried out by Dr Yolande Knight drawing on Subject Centre methodologies. A Project Management Group (PMG) consisting of the Project Director, Coordinator, LT and evaluator will be responsible for overseeing strategy, operation and monitoring.

Anticipated outputs and outcomes

Outcomes include:

• Enhance discoverability and openness of existing fieldwork support resources

• Build capacity towards development and continued release of field work OER

• Provide a focal point for the sharing and reuse of such fieldwork materials and raise awareness

• Further development of an OER culture

Outputs include:

• collection of open fieldwork resources containing both static and dynamic elements

• project blogsite

• metadata guide on effective tagging and discovery of open fieldwork resources

• workshop on effective tagging and discovery of open fieldwork

• OF Project launch event

• project case study in Subject Centre publication “Planet”

• final project report

• evaluation report

Technology / Standards used

Standards and technologies that will be used or are to be to investigated:


• DC


• FEED43

• Geo Microformat

• GeoURL

• JavaScript



• PhP






• Yahoo Pipes

This project outline originally appeared on the JISC website as archived at https://www.webarchive.org.uk/wayback/archive/20140614102645/http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/oer2/of.aspx under a CC-BY-ND-NC license.