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We shared our expertise in OER impact research by collaborating with researchers in the Global South


Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) is a large scale project which aims to provide evidence-based research into the use and impact of OER from a number of countries in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and South / South East Asia.

This case study originally appeared on the OER Hub website at http://oerhub.net/what-we-do/case-studies/


June 2014 – Apr 2015

One aspect looked at OER impact in specific countries through case studies in the Global South. OER Hub researcher Rob Farrow was brought in as a consultant to run a workshop for ROER4D impact study grantees in Malaysia to share experiences and best practices, encourage reflection on the wider implications of open practices, and work closely with the research teams to develop robust methodologies and strategies for evaluating OER impact. The completed impact studies comprise an important part of the ROER4D evidence portfolio which is the most complete picture yet developed of how OER is making a difference in the developing world.


A record of the Impact Studies workshop held in Malaysia in December is available at http://www.slideshare.net/robertfarrow/roer4d-impact-studies-workshop

Slides from a short follow-up session held in Banff, Apr 2015 http://www.slideshare.net/robertfarrow/mapping-oer-in-the-global-south