07 2014 - 08 2014
United Kingdom

Glasgow Caledonian University's "Games On" (GCU Games On )


"The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow during 2014 provided the catalyst for the Blended Learning Team at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) to develop an open event called ‘GCU Games On’. The event was developed very rapidly: in fact there were only 3 weeks between an initial discussion around the possibility of doing “something for the Commonwealth Games”, to having a three week open, online event ready to go live with learners. Open educational practice, OERs and open systems were central to the development and story of GCU Games On. Openness allowed the team to take an agile educational development approach to creating a fun, open online learning experience. The event was also the first “course” to go live on Blackboard’s Open Education platform which was released in July 2014. The experience is now influencing future online developments within the institution."

Read more about the approach, outcome and evaluation of Games On in the rest of this OEPS case study.