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Evaluating and reporting project impact and use of whole course OER


The Gates funded Bridge to Success project (2011-2012) developed and piloted whole course OER in math and learning/personal development skills. The courses were developed to help students transition into community college study but also reached broader audiences through their use in informal contexts such as non-profit organisations.

This case study originally appeared on the OER Hub website at http://oerhub.net/what-we-do/case-studies/

Bridge to Success

January 2013 – July 2015

Pilot scheduling and uptake toward the end of the project had meant that only short-term evidence of impact and specific pilots were taken into consideration during the project’s original research schedule. Awareness of continued use of materials and the need for further mid-long term research enabled the OER Hub to conduct a follow-up study of the impact of materials post-project. This work comprised of 15 interviews and 1 focus group. A range of diverse and diffuse impacts and recommendations were generated as part of this research including documenting the role of Bridge to Success in a University College moving to an 100% OER/e-resources model and the diversity of community college students’ needs.


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