Saylor Foundation (The Constitution Foundation)


The Saylor Foundation (legal name: The Constitution Foundation) is a non-profit organization established in 1999 and headquartered in Washington, DC. Since 2008, the focus of the foundation has been its Free Education Initiative which has led to the creation of 241 courses representing 10 of the highest enrollment majors in the US. The Saylor Foundation is known for its emphasis on finding, vetting, and assembling openly available texts and resources into courses resembling those of a traditional brick and mortar institution which are then peer-reviewed before being published. The foundation also funds the creation of new materials when needed, as well as through initiatives such as their Open Textbook Challenge. This content is always openly licensed for use by other organizations and individuals.

The Saylor Academy empowers learners to set their own education goals, achieve mastery, and earn twenty-first century credentials within a rich network of peers, educators, and Academy partners. On our platform, students engage with expertly curated learning objects aligned to robust outcomes and verified assessments. The Academy is committed to advancing creative models of higher education that value access over cost and that encourage students to own their education.