Ankabut, The UAE Advanced Network for Research & Education


United Arab Emirates - UAE’s leading universities formed a dedicated research and education network within the country named “Ankabut”. Ankabut caters for the regional educational and research needs, offering great improvements in how research is conducted, as well as improving the teaching and learning processes. It also provides collaboration and sharing of resources. It links for international collaboration with other research network such as the US Internet2 and the European GEANT. The available network bandwidth at Ankabut is 155.52Mbit/s international link and interconnects UAE universities with a 10G backbone and 1G access links. This connects to a High Performance Computing Cluster of 10 Tflops at Khalifa University. Ankabut is a host of 60-core CPU running gLite middleware for grid computing. It provides access via its advanced 6 Core routers (10Gb) backbone and 28 access routers (1Gb).

The network is funded by the ICT Fund and Khalifa University who manages the project.