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European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU)

The European Association of Distance Teaching Universities - EADTU - is the representative organisation of both the European open and distance learning universities and of the organisations including consortia of traditional higher education institutions active in the field of distance education and e-learning. By this, EADTU is the main voice of the community for open and distance higher education and e-learning in Europe. Founded in 1987, EADTU now embraces a total of 22 members in 19 European countries. The current member configuration spans over 2,000,000 students and over 200 conventional universities as part of our organisations including consortia. Over the past years EADTU has taken the role of knowledge disseminator in different European projects. The EADTU network is excellent for dissemination and covers the European Union and most of the Central Eastern European Countries (CEEC) on Higher Education (HE), including many areas of scientific research.

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