Ritsumeikan University


The history of Ritsumeikan dates back to 1869 when Prince Kinmochi Saionji, an eminent international statesman of modern Japan, founded "Ritsumeikan" as a private academy on the site of the Kyoto Imperial Palace. The current Ritsumeikan Academy has campuses in Hokkaido, Shiga, Kyoto, and Oita and encompasses two universities, four high schools, three junior high schools, and one primary school. Since Ritsumeikan's establishment, approximately 290,000 people have graduated from Ritsumeikan University, 2,000 from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), and 83, 000 from the affiliate schools. Ritsumeikan continues in its endeavor to cultivate strong leaders, abundant in creativity who are able to tackle the issues facing humanity in the 21st century.