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CSU Fullerton Affordable Learning Solutions (CSUF AL$)


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Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) has long considered the impact of affordable course material option and how it impacts the overall cost of college education. Since 2007, it has been estimated that CSUF students have saved over $20M on course materials with TitanShops(CSUF Bookstore) programs. With a textbook rental program that launched in 2005 and digital course materials in 2006, CSUF has been a leader in advancing savings beyond the used textbook and student buyback (sellback) programs.

The CSUF “Lowest Price Guarantee” program for course materials came shortly after rentals, and was expanded further with the inclusion of online price comparison tools for students at time of registration. In 2012, a recommended laptop program was launched through Titan Shops which standardized the hardware specifications for each of the eight Colleges, ensuring that students would have the right technology tools based on their major. The CSUF Pollak Library has digital reserves available through programs like “Get It Now” and integrates e-reserves into the campus Learning Management System (LMS, Moodle) while also growing their collection of digital content libraries and e-books available in university holdings. Over the past few years, faculty have been given access to a variety of affordable learning solution tools delivered through the campus portal, including Lynda.com, CourseSmart (which has digital content fully integrated in Moodle), and Adobe Connect, all at no cost. Full-time faculty also have access to campus roll-out technology tools including laptops and iPads, and All faculty teach in smart classrooms, many of which include an integrated “smart pen” white board and document camera. In Spring 2013, CSUF was awarded $24,000 from the CSU Clancellor's Office to develop tools and help educate the campus community about the various programs and best practices that help deliver educational savings, ensuring increased affordability.

CSUF GOAL FOR AFFORDABLE LEARNING SOLUTIONS CSUF now has an opportunity to accelerate the adoption of digital course material in the classroom by improving faculty awareness of the options that are available to them, the quality of these options, and knowledge on how to integrate them into their courses. In fact, despite the savings listed on the cover of this report, the challenge remains to reach and educate university administrators, faculty, staff, and students on the affordable programs available at CSUF. Many on campus are unaware of the cost saving programs that are currently available or that our own Titan Shops Bookstore has made great strides in advancing affordability option for CSUF students.