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Understanding educator use of OER and open textbooks across British Columbia


Since 2012 the British Columbia (BC) Open Textbook project has produced a range of open textbooks for use in Higher Education institutions the BC province. As at April 2016 the project has a total of 140 open textbooks available, saved over 13,000 students $1.3-1.7 million and is aware of 421 adoptions of materials at 27 participating institutions.

This case study originally appeared on the OER Hub website at http://oerhub.net/what-we-do/case-studies/

BC Campus Open Textbook project

January 2014 – December 2015

Our work with BCcampus, in conjunction with their Faculty Fellows and colleagues, comprised of a survey of educators across British Columbia and a report, which concluded with a series of targeted recommendations to facilitate OER use at HE institutions. The research produced a unique insight into open textbook use across the project and helped the project better understand educator use and understanding of OER, sharing practices and the impact of resources used. Research also investigated educator use and perceptions of BCcampus open textbooks and included questions around perceived quality of open textbooks. The study was groundbreaking in looking at personality traits in relation to open practices and found a relation between being open to new experiences and the reuse and creation of OER.


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