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The Darakht-e Danesh Library


At Darakht-e Danesh, we believe that the greatest investment that can be made in Afghanistan’s future is in its human capital. Our aim is to invest in learning and teaching, ensuring that people have access to knowledge and information that will stimulate their minds, and their personal and professional development. In particular, we hope this collection of educational material will support teachers, who are tasked with the overwhelmingly important work of providing a high quality education to the children and youth of Afghanistan.

A major impediment to quality education is the lack of local language educational resources for both teachers and students. Many organizations and individuals have undertook to create specific resources to address this gap for their own programs. The Darakht Danesh Library seeks to bring together as many of these resources as possible, engaging bilingual Afghans to help translate good resources to add to the collection, and encouraging teachers to create and contribute their own educational materials to the Library. We seek to support Afghan teachers to become part of the Open Educational Resource movement, and to harness the potential of OERs for the benefit of Afghan classrooms.


Primary educational sector