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  • October 12, 2017 - October 13, 2017

  • Mexico CityMexico

OpenCon 2017 LatAm


OpenCon's flagship global conference is dedicated to educating students and early-career researchers about the importance of open access, open data, and open education, and giving them the tools to be effective advocates for change. At the OpenCon 2016 main meeting in Washington D.C., we had the largest number of Latin American participants to date and were able to hold the first main conference session held entirely in Spanish and Portuguese. We had 12 participants from 8 countries - Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, México, Perú, and Puerto Rico. The outcome of that session was the formation of an international organizing committee dedicated to establishing a regional meeting - OpenCon Latin America (OpenCon LatAm).

Latin America is in a unique position with respect to open scholarship. The region has been a leader in open access, with a high percentage of our journals free for readers and authors, and several countries (Argentina, Brazil, México, and Peru) adopting national level open access policies in the last four years. We have important experiences to share about successful publication funding models and policy development.

Despite our successes, Latin America continues to face a number of economic, technological, and social challenges to increasing adoption of open scholarship. We want to bring together students, early-career professionals, faculty, funders, and more, who face these challenges everyday and are ready to talk solutions.

OpenCon LatAm will be held 12-13 October 2017 in Mexico City. We look forward to seeing you there!