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Ciênsação (Sciensation)


Ciênsação (Sciensation) has been developed with the support of UNESCO Brasil to promote a culture of short hands-on experiments and skill-fostering science education.

The site serves as a repository of OER on brief research activities – taking usually less than 10 minutes to complete – that can be easily integrated into day-to-day teaching in regular classrooms. Instead of merely illustrating scientific concepts or natural phenomena, these hands-on experiments come with questions that engage students in evidence seeking discussions. They are made to encourage critical thinking, an inquisitive mindset, and to allow students to experience the joy of discovery. In other words: To teach science as an activity, as a fascinating art students will be keen to master.

Teachers are invited to publish their own hands-on experiments at Ciensación. Submissions that pass the peer-review will be published as OER in Portuguese, Spanish and English