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CSU Channel Islands Affordable Learning Solutions (CSUCI AL$)


While student costs continue to rise, efforts on this campus are being made to inform and support faculty to explore how open educational resources can be used to decrease the cost impact for students for course materials. In a recent report released by BABSON Survey Research Group most faculty change or revise educational materials for at least one course within two years (90%), while most courses with required textbooks are printed rather than digital (69%). Another concerning result from this study was faculty awareness of OER remains low with only 34% reporting awareness of open textbooks. Barriers to adopting open textbooks was most often due to faculty reporting a lack of resources for the subject, or not being able to adequately find the resources needed.

The goal of openCI is to overcome these barriers by informing faculty about the variety of resources available and by supporting efforts to explore, cultivate, and access high quality open educational resources (OER).