Paul Dunlop Bacsich


Paul Bacsich is Director of Matic Media Ltd and Senior Consultant at SeroHE. He is also Co-Coordinator of the Open Education Working Group of OKFN. Currently his specific OER activities are taken up with OEWG and working for a study team looking at Member States Policies for Opening Up Education.

He has worked more generally on EU-funded projects in open education - POERUP, SharedOER, ADOERUP and currently D-TRANSFORM.

He is also interested in benchmarking, quality, library, change management and leadership issues associated with online learning, distance learning and open education.

He is playing the role of "coroner" for the jury on "Who killed The MOOC?" at Online Educa Berlin on 1 December; but some say that The MOOC is not dead, others that The MOOC died, but of a broken heart, and yet others that it was The MOOC's identical twin that died and the real The MOOC now wears a business suit....