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MOOC Extension für Wikiversity


We are currently planning to transfer the MOOC Interface which can be seen live in this demo. The MOOC-Interface created a nice User experience for online learning on Wikiversity. It was a collection of JavaScript files (merged into common.js), LUA files and templates. The problem is that we could not write software tests and ensure stability. Also not having direct access to the data base was a problem which we want to resolve by creating an official extension.

Look at the Talk page for an ongoing discussion on the development process.

We won the fOERder award for our Idea of creating this extension c.f. (http://blog.wikimedia.de/2016/03/03/wikimediawoche-92016/) where some financing is coming from.

Currently we are trying to understand the gerrit, vagrant and the workflows in the MediaWiki world. Any guidance is highly appreciated.