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Francesco Agrusti


Francesco Agrusti PhD is a Full-time Researcher in the Laboratory of Experimental Pedagogy of Department of Education, University of Roma Tre. Since March 2006, he works as a contract researcher in different project. His last research activities were conducted in the project “Designing, developing and testing of adaptive assessment systems for open-ended questions”. He coordinates the project research for the use of innovative ICT solutions to achieve adaptation and personalization of learning (Roma Tre Research Unit). He teaches “Research in education. Models and procedures in adult education”, “Laboratory for Adults Literacy Skills Assessment” and “Laboratory of Creative Writing in Education” at the Faculty of Education Sciences or Roma Tre University.Since 2012 he is member of AEA (Association for Educational Assessment) Europe, and since 2010 he is member of EDEN NAP (Network of Academics and Professional). Since 2013 he is licensed to practice as a associate professor in the Experimental Pedagogy sector (11/D2). His main interests automatic and adaptive system for education, e-learning, latent semantic analysis, statistical analysis of educational big data and open data. He designs and develops automatic systems for text tagging, Machine Learning, Ontology Learning, Self-Training and Domain Adaptation for educational purposes (in particular for distance learning environments).