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www.K-12math.info is an open access website information service designed to help anyone who needs to work with elementary and secondary school mathematics at a content level.

K-12math.info provides information and links to where and how 1,000 of the most common mathematics terms are used in elementary and secondary school student mathematics materials. Presently k-12math.info has merged information from elementary and secondary school student mathematics textbook series (Houghton Mifflin, McGraw Hill, Singapore, and others) with over 4,000 links to Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Access (OA) materials like CK-12’s Flexbooks, OpenSTAX (CNX), Khan Academy, Bangladesh’s Open Access series and others. Collecting information is ongoing; in fact, links to A+ Click’s graded online math problem sets were just added (January 2017).

The website does not require the user to type a word(s) to locate information. A couple of mouse clicks will usually get the user to a list or spreadsheet that displays the information. For OER or OA materials, a click on the cell in the display will take the user to the information.

The information service had its origins in Thailand when 22 math teachers taking part in a curriculum writing project had their project time cut from 6 to 3 weeks. A detailed index of the resources available for the project matching the content to the first year Comprehensive Secondary School mathematics materials was created. A 179 page resource which was also translated into Thai was produced. The fact that the project actually turned out quality materials in half the time speaks not only to the talent of the teachers, but the usefulness of an index.

K-12math.info is a top 5 star rated Merlot II open access educational resource. It was one of 25 projects selected and nominated for the United Nations’ 2016 World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) award in e-learning. Google Analytics reports in the first six months of 2016 that Russia (probable UNESCO’s Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) in Moscow), United States, United Kingdom and Brazil were the top users out of 80 countries.