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  • June 2, 2017 - June 2, 2017

  • United States of America


Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani Keynote on OER and Open Pedagogy


Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani gave a keynote "Serving Social Justice & Pedagogical Innovation through Open Educational Practices," at Roger Williams University on Friday, June 2, 2017.

"Higher education promises to be a vehicle for economic and social mobility; however, this promise increasingly goes begging as our institutions are structured to reinforce existing social inequalities. Open Educational Practices (OEP) encompass the creation, adaptation, and adoption of open educational resources (OER) as well as the design of renewable assignments where students are empowered as co-creators of knowledge. More broadly, OEP embraces an agentic, collaborative, transparent, flexible, and learner-centered approach to education. This presentation will make a case for why the shift away from traditional (closed) practices is not only desirable but inevitable, and how OEP support the modern university’s mission by serving both social justice and pedagogical innovation."