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The "eXplorarium" is a project for modern eLearning in the school. The cooperation in this project opens up new paths for IT-based learning to teachers and pupils. Teaching proposals, which combine constructive learning with current medial typology, are developed especially for the basic level and tested in school reality. In eXplorarium courses, pupils place their questions on the real world and, in answering them, relate the various possibilities of eLearning to the learning platform "Moodle", adapted for the eXplorarium. The eXplorarium supports pupils' material and medial competences with the approach of inquiery based science education and constructive learning while at the same time supporting their linguistic expressiveness. In the eXplorarium, there is no training software and no downloading of worksheets, but interesting research tasks and personal feedback on questions, discoveries and thoughts of the learners. In the implementation of real observations and examination results into the digital learning environment, the learning process becomes transparent for all participants. The children and young people have extensive opportunities for communication and presentation. Many eXplorarium projects are interdisciplinary and across age groups. Teachers learn in everyday life how to deal with inquiry based science education and receive comprehensive training and follow-up.

eXplorarium is an offer for selected schools in social hotspots of Berlin. The project was sponsored by the European Social Fund and the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Science and Research within the framework of the eEducation Master Plan from 2005 to 2012, and has been supported by the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Youth and Science.

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