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Swedish Universities (e.g. Lund University) were involved in the 2-year network on NordicOER in 2013-2015, financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The project build on the Nordic OER Alliance which was a network of individuals representing stakeholders and institutions supporting uptake, adoption and collaboration around Open Education Resources. The Alliance had a 3 - 5 year perspective, and planned actions to sustain a broad awareness, knowledge building and networking platform.

The main objectives were to:

  • contribute in utilizing OER for educational development in the Nordic countries and to enable and support collaborative actions in these countries
  • contribute to global educational development
  • support the implementation of the Paris OER Declaration and future EU OER initiatives in the Nordic countries
  • analyse opportunities and barriers for a successful implementation of the Paris Declaration as well as current EU strategies to provide guidance for policy makers in governments, institutions and organizations
  • build and exchange knowledge on OER and OEP in the Nordic Region as a basis for good practices, inspiration for policy building and policy implementation