OER@RLP is an initiative and conjoint collaboration in regards to open educational resources and coherent practices in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. The joint research project primarily aims at sensitising and qualifying multipliers in Rhineland-Palatinate. Covering all sectors of the German education system, OER@RLP starts an initiative that focuses on fostering awareness and strengthening the presence of open educational recources in the educational community. In form and content the project activity is mainly based on the topics finding OER, using OER, making OER and sharing as well as providing OER. The understanding of sensitisation and qualification covers the aspects of informing, counselling and building competencies. The qualification courses provided by OER@RLP are planned in form of presence events as well as hybrid learning scenarios (blended learning). By combining the sectors of further vocational education, school and higher education in Rhineland-Palatinate OER@RLP provides an effective lever to support the impact and distribution of open educational resources.


Primary educational sector