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OER-Macher und Multiplikatoren in der Weiterbildung (OER-MuMiW)


The project OER-MuMiW unites the TH Lübeck and the Professional Association for Training, Consulting and Coaching (BDVT) in a unique and pioneering project. Together, the partners built up a network of OER makers and multipliers in vocational and general adult education. They developed a blended learning training program and now offer a recognized seal of quality. Together with the resulting materials, this should help to overcome the great scepticism towards Open Educational Resources in commercial continuing education. In addition, sustainable uses and business models were developed. A total of 21 regional face-to-face events were held throughout Germany, three online learning phases in the OER Expert MOOC and six workshops for OER makers were organised.

After the official funding phase, the training concept, the MOOC for the online learning phase and all learning materials are available under the CC BY 4.0 license.


Primary educational sector

Secondary educational sector