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Informationsstelle OER: Information, Transfer und Vernetzung zu Open Educational Resources (OERinfo)


Informationsstelle OER is a topic-specific online platform that provides the public and specialist target groups with comprehensive information on the subject of Open Educational Resources, gives the current state of knowledge for practical use, bundles information on best practice examples and illustrates the diversity of existing initiatives. The broad visualization of the topic takes place via the functional and informational interlocking of the relevant information stocks and media offers of the German Education Server, the former Transferstelle OER and the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Center (OER World Map/OER-Atlas), which enables easy access to current information in the form of an integrated and user-oriented internet presence. To address new potential target groups and to open up the thematic field across educational areas in the context of lifelong learning, previously missing address- and domain-specific information modules are to be developed in cooperation with stakeholders, interest groups and OER initiatives.

The result is an extensive knowledge base in the form of editorial dossiers and systematically structured information collections, whose reach is extended by integrating multimedia formats (e.g. podcasts, videos, didactically built online modules) and communication platforms based on social media applications. The project also aims to support the cooperation and networking of the various OER actors and initiatives through appropriate communication tools, project-accompanying workshops and the public relations work of the Informationsstelle OER. In this context, one task is also to document and bundle the discussion processes and the results of the BMBF OERinfo funding measure to sensitise and qualify OER multipliers in dialogue with the projects funded.


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